"Sometimes it's hard to locate genuine breaths of fresh air, but these folks qualify.
Fans of everyone from Sheryl Crow to Everything But the Girl can find something
to like here, and graveyard shift commuter-poets will find their car stereos have
found a new best friend in Good Night, Good Riddance. On their promise of
perfect late-night driving music, What Bird deliver."

--Three Star Smash

"Good Night, Good Riddance is yet another brilliant project to emerge virtually
out of nowhere from Nashville-based artists. The forthcoming full-length debut
will no doubt catapult What Bird to the top of the indie class. These songs
contain subtle hooks that are addictive without being annoying. The result is an
outstanding high pop record that will be well-received by the most discriminating

--Listen Nashville

"Together they compose dark transient simplicity. Their debut album Good
Night, Good Riddance is an expressive ride that capitalizes on emotion
through ambiance and the beautiful clarity of Julia's voice. Excellently blended
instrumentation and the care put into each vocal line comes across with real

--Awaken Music